ICMS 2020 Session

Software for Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry


Aim and Scope

Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry share many common problems and techniques: Initially independent areas of mathematics, the similarity between number fields and algebraic curves over finite fields lead to the (common) theory of global fields. This combined viewpoint proved to be very fruitful - theory, algorithms and software were transported and extended in both directions. Algebraic curves over global fields provide further challenges in theory and computational practice, while relying on tools for global fields. The computational instrumentarium used and developed here spans a rather broad field: Exact symbolic computations from computer algebra need to be complemented with numerical computations using complex numbers, power series rings or p-adic rings, and with geometric methods for lattices. Algorithms are often designed and analysed based on randomisation and statistical traits. This session aims at showcasing some state of the art implementations as well as bringing together researchers with different applications and using different tools.

Session Schedule

The talks are prerecorded and should be watched before the sessions. The sessions serve for discussions among the speakers and participants about the talks.

Tuesday, July 14

14:00-14:30 Elsenhans, Sijsling, Streng
15:50-16:20 Johansson, Molin, Pauli
16:30-17:10 Hofmann, Kirschmer, Kulkarni

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